Vision Range Of Acid Resistance Brick Mortar And Resin

Acid Resistant Bricks

VISON has two universally accepted grades of Acid Resistant bricks under regular manufacturing programme. It has substainly large manufacturing facilities and tie ups to offer large quantity of A.R. Bricks in 9*4.5 * 1.5 inch (230*115*75mm) Special sizes and shapes can be also manufactured as per clients requirement and drawings.

SN. Quality Details in % of Waterabsor. Flexural Strength Compressive Strength Resistant to Acid Resistance to Wear I.S.I. Code
1 Vison AR1 2% 100 760 1.5 2mm Class I
I.S. 4860
2 Vison AR2 4% 70 500 4% 0 ClassII
I..S. 4860


Vison offers two universally accepted grades of acid resistant mortars for laying acid proof tiles or bricks. These mortar offers excellent joining as well as fixing properties for acid proof lining in any chemical or petrochemical plant. The mortars are offered in two grades viz. 1) Sodium Silicate base 2) Potassium Silicate base. The mortars are offered in two components in universally accepted packing for powder component in polythene lined white jute bags with special liner bag inside and liquid component is supplied in air tight steel drums.


Vison can take up complete turnkey contracts for Acid Resistant lining comprising of the following layers.
1) First Coat of Butamineous Primer of suitable thickness.
2) Second coat of Butamine Mastic of suitable thickness.
3) Laying of Acid Proof Grade 1 & Grade 2 Bricks or tiles with Sodium Silicate or Potassium Silicate Mortars.
4) Pointing the joints with Phenolic or CNS or Furon resin.

The above mentioned acid proof lining can be done in 75mm, 38mm or any suitably designed thickness especially in Sulphuric Acid Plants, Prickling Plants Acid Slurry Tanks/Towers or such allied equipments where acid is stored or processed contaminated or mixed with water which is highly corressive for the material of construction of the equipment in which the acid is stored or processed.

Vison can also provide specially designed Carbon Bricks and Non-Vitreous Acid Resistant Tiles for specialised application.