Vision Range Of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Vison make Magnesia - Carbon Brick is made in pressure from dead burned magnesis (or fused magnesia ) and carbon material ( full crystal grraphite) with binder of pitch and resin.It is unburned brick Magnesia - carbon brick at high temperature forms combination of carbon frame. Magnesia and carbon can't be fused with each other. So it keeps their properties good. In addition, Carbon has a better thermal conductivity. Both of high expansion and spring coefficient low. It can effectively resist to thermal flaking, slag corrosions and constructor flaking. Carbon has no wettability to slag, so resistance to corrosion is good. Magnesia - carbon brick is widely applicated in steel electric arc, combined blowing converter, ladle, torpedo, refined ladle etc.


Grade Mgo % (Min.) Fixed Carbon % Apprent Porosity % MOR Kg / Cm2
Mag - Carb - I 95 4 to 5 10 to 12 100 to 150
Mag - Carb - II 95 8 to 11 7 to 10 100 to 150
Mag - Carb - III 95 18 to 20 18 to 20 90 to 130